Anti-intrusion Nebulizer: White Safe

Anti-intrusion nebulizer that, before the entry of an intruder in the protected area , throws a lot of pressure and velocity, dry mist

Examples of use

Banks and Transport

Offices and Shops

Modelos recomendados

Series 10 (until 75 m3)

Serie 10 (75 m3)

Series 20 (until 150 m3)

Serie 20(150 m3)

Series 40 (until 250 m3)

Serie 40(250 m3)

Series 100 (until 1000 m3)
Serie 100(1000 m3)

Recommended volume by model

Nebulizadores Volumen recomendado por modelo

The anti-intrusion nebulizer is a device manufactured in Germany, with very sophisticated technology, and small size (depending on the series, but in general can be the size of a medium suitcase) that, before the entry of an intruder in the protected area , throws a lot of pressure and velocity, dry mist. It is therefore a deterrent to thieves, to make the protected area unapproachable.

The fluid or liquid

The mist generated by the nebulizer active safety is based on a transparent and dense liquid comprising water and glycol. This fluid to shoot the machine goes into gas.

When putting the machine into operation po r a shot (Alarm) the liquid is pumped through a heating system whose temperature is about 330 degrees. There happens to gas and fired under high pressure is outside. Upon contact with the temperature and oxygen on the outside, immediately becomes dry mist that rapidly expands exponentially expanding its volume.


  • No one is able to locate an outlet, a place where escape or object to steal.
  • Possibility of regulating via software, the desired time of operation of the nebulizer, and the number of shots and the time interval between them.
  • Orientation is impossible, since no landmarks are located, so you can not find an outlet, a place to flee or object to steal.
  • The impact of the shot noise, combined with the effect of «wall of fog» that is generated resembles that of an avalanche.
  • The fog is maintained for a minimum of 50 minutes at its maximum density, even if you open windows or doors. This is achieved by a sensor that maintains a constant density with successive shots, up to six hours maximum or end the fluid reservoir.
  • Once no trace remains dispersed or furniture, electronic equipment, or any type of object stored in the protected area.
  • No current technology can sabotage this system.

The nebulizer

Small compact size

  • High technology Germany, this is the third generation of WS machinery.
  • Ease of installation of equipment (walls, floor, etc..)
  • Free training for installers prior authorized by GSS/li>
  • Ability to connect multiple devices together to cover large areas (up to 99 devices in series)
  • Tele maintenance through remote connection to the service.
  • You can connect to a previously installed alarm (compatible with any manufacturer on the market), or to a separate installation by activating sensors.
  • It has software that records the last hundred performances in the power on (for handling, off, on, fire, etc. ..)

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Filling speed ​​examples

Surface 410 m3

Surface 450 m3

Surface 153 m3

Surface 503 m3