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Basic Rule protection technique says: «The basic mechanical protection of a property should always represent the basis of the respective irrevocable security concept»

Basic rule of protection

A basic rule of protection technique says: The basic mechanical protection of a property should always represent the basis of the respective irrevocable security concept. Electronic protections can only complement the mechanical guards, but never replaced. Good mechanical guards are highly resistant to the attacker while greatly delay its emergence and do not know what a false alarm.


SILATEC safety glass is a glass composite, made ​​up of different materials highly transparent and extreme strength. With an optimal blend of glass, polyurethane and polycarbonate safety glass SILATEC has decisive advantages when compared with the usual bulletproof glass. SILATEC safety glass is substantially safer, lighter, thinner, neutral color and impenetrable to UV radiation.
cristal de seguridad SILATEC

Silatec, thinner. safest


The security shutters Heydebreck German company, are certified WK2 and WK3. Being the top model currently available commercially.
They can be connected to existing alarm equipment or to act its own system of external sensors.
The blinds are made of reinforced aluminum or double wall filled with a resin ultra, or if you need to increase the resistance in polished steel.
High security shutters HeydebreckHigh security shutters Heydebreck

Perimeter Protection

The best protection is one that begins at the perimeter of the protected area. The mechanical billboards, but generally serve to complicate intruders, not usually be sufficient.

The best alternative to definitely avoid robberies, assaults, etc.. is offered by the range of perimeter protection GARD ®, which incorporates special alarm systems that detect any intrusion and act immediately.

  • MICROGARD®: Monitoring system uses sensors to be installed on any existing fence.
  • STEPGARD®: Surface detection system, monitored by CCTV.
  • WALLGARD®: Detection system for anti-climbing stone walls and concrete.
  • RADARGARD®: Digital perimeter sensors systems.
  • CLASSIC®: Decorative front fence with electric monitoring system.
  • FENCEGARD®: Metal mesh fence surveillance with system idle current.
  • GIMAGARD®: Steel fence bars with electronic monitoring.
  • GLASSGARD®:Transparent glass decorative fence that provides an interesting combination of beauty and security. Offers protection against firearms shots of all calibers.
  • PROTECTGARD®: Fence anti-climb.
  • SOLARGARD®: This solution combines perimeter security measures with high ecological benefit. This is possible by the flow of seawater flowing through the structure of the fence.



Anti-windows to prevent vandalism or theft, targeting both individuals and trade buildings.

STABAGARD® Safety Light Curtain

STABAGARD® Safety Light Curtain
Safety curtain avoiding the effects of explosions. Cutting chips of broken glass are largely absorbed, reducing the danger that there injured.

The curtain also prevents other objects, which as a result of the shock wave being thrown, penetrate beyond the protection zone.

The curtain can be installed on any type of window and adapts to any decor and ambience, to go unnoticed.

HAKAGARD® Internal sliding against shooting

HAKAGARD® Internal sliding against shooting HAKAGARD® Internal sliding against shooting

Sliding internal wall that provides protection against gunfire.

Crystals are used ultra light with polished edges. Fully transparent glass that allows the protection is not visible from the outside.

Used in public or private buildings where security measures should not be obvious, and in those cases in which the replacement of existing window glass or is not possible.

Mobile Screens shots: HAKAGARD MOVIL®

Mobile Screens shots: HAKAGARD MOVIL

This product provides protection against fire in a flexible and versatile to adapt to the location and location of the hazard.


maletin_alta_seguridadHigh Security Briefcase designed for temporary transportation
Money / Jewelry / sensitive data / secrets etc documents. Perfectly fulfills its task of protecting both the wearer, and its content and of course the owner.

  • Two keys, give you greater control and transport security (one arm / disarm and other opens)
  • Surface monitored electronically attacks
  • Pre-alarm buzzer discrete
  • Alarm with 110dB siren
  • Effective deterrence system by smoke dye
  • Auto vigil system once deposited
  • Automatic self-check system
  • Cable connection system that triggers the alarm (for example when transporting the suitcase in the car).