Anti-intrusion nebulizer: White Safe→FAQ

Does the fog is toxic?

No, its composition is based on water and glycol (propilenglicolC3H8O2), frequently used in cosmetics or food (E1520).

Does the fog, once dissolved, mess the protected area?

No, with our technology the fog has the ideal temperature, which means that is completely dry. Get the ideal temperature in the process ensures, along with our patented formula that creates the fog fluid is diluted without trace.

Does the fog may damage computers or other electronic equipment?

No, this technology has been used for almost 20 years in technological environments (Computers, phones, etc..) without any problems.

Does the fog may spoil the environment?

No, the propilenglicol is degraded in a matter of days as both subsurface groundwater.

Do I need a certain alarm equipment?

Our nebulizers can be connected to any installation. All we need are two potential free connections (alarm and alarm armed).

What if i have no alarm?

Well, you can take the opportunity to install a complete system or you can connect the nebulizer to external sensors, such as a motion sensor

What happens if the power supply is cut off, for example by the burglars?

After reaching the temperature of weaponry, the equipment is temporarily independent of electricity.

How often do I have to recharge the nebulizer?

This depends on your setup, but with a full tank every nebulizer can have for 8 or 9 real shots.

Are the devices can be handled?

The devices are protected against unauthorized external manipulation. They also record exact date and time manipulations authorized, thus preventing internal collaboration in the crime.

Are the appliances consume much fluid?

The most powerful nebulizer consumes 1.8 liters per minute, which means that to protect eg 500 m3 of your business in case of intrusion, will cost about 14 € for the nebulization time needed

Can be confused the fog with a fire?

Our checklist for new installations, provides alert the nearest fire station to each installation. If the alarm activates the alarm center will have on their task performance protocol to alert the relevant fire station. Thus stay informed firefighters that there is a fire but a robbery that triggered a nebulizer.

How will react the smoke detectors and fire?

Of the two types of detectors are marketed: the thermical does not react, but surely will optical detectors. In this second case, should be considered as described in the previous section.

What do the insurance of these systems?

In major European markets insurance offer discounts on their prices for the installation of this equipment.We are already talking with insurance companies, to achieve these advantages also in Spain.

Does warranty White Safe?

Of course, you can check the warranty here

About the right use of White Safe NF fluid

What is theWhite Safe NF fluid?

The “White Safe NF” fluid is the means of nebulization for White Safe systems security fog.

What is the composition or qualities of White Safe NF?

White Safe NF” is composed of raw materials with a high degree of purity, none of them is a dangerous according GefStoffV/ChemG rules. It can be mixed in all relationships with Water.

Technical security classification

White Safe NF” is not explosive, or inflammatory, or poisonous or caustic nor irritating nor sensitizing and under the current rules is not dangerous for the environment. Its artificial fog technology that ensures high employment and examined toxicologically pure components and therefore poses no health hazard.

What is the toxicological assessment?

According to our current level of knowledge we can conclude that the components of White Safe01 fluid a liquid state and using properly as fog does not have any harmful effect for a healthy adult.

There is no MAK value (hazard index for a job) for jobs adjacent to the «White Safe NF» or to any of its active ingredients.

What is the hygienic assessment of food or what is the impact on food?

There is a product opinion as Article 30 and 31 of the Food Act and objects of need (LMBG) which shows that the outer surfaces impregnated with or exposed to condensation fog, no transfer to food if these are protected. Therefore, contamination of food in their corresponding packaging may be excluded, provided that they keep the comments and recommendations of the manufacturer.

What is the shelf life and stability of White Safe NF?

White Safe NF” is in the present state of knowledge storable for at least two years, provided it is in original container is not yet open, this being stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight. In the event that this container and had opened the fluid you should consume no later than the following year, provided the elapsed storage under conditions explained. However, in this case you should check whether the product in this container shows any change in appearance, odor or color. In this case it does not use more for spraying. Like all fluid chemicals should be stored protected from potential access by children. It should not be stored with acids, alkalis or strong oxidation products (eg some fireworks) because it may cause severe reactions, so you should not be stored with these harsh chemicals.

How one proceeds to removing the original containers?

Original containers should be evacuated contaminated optimally. After being cleaned with water and detergent is delivered to the corresponding recyclable waste.

What are the indications for use for right use?

You should be used only clean White Safe NF, uncontaminated on original containers labeled for this use and only in the security fog system White Safe. Handling should be done by adults, respecting the indications for use.

What would be considered an inappropriate use of the product?

Si “White Safe NF” por equivocación entrara en contacto con boca, ojos, piel o las mucosas es suficiente con un enjuague con agua. En el caso de que se traguen accidentalmente mayores cantidades, por ejemplo por niños, requiere, en dependencia de la cantidad, observación médica y/o ayuda medica. El envasar “White Safe NF” en recipientes, en general destinados a alimentos u otros productos de degustación es inadmisible.

If “White Safe NF” accidentally come into contact with mouth, eyes, skin or mucous membranes rinse with enough water. In the case of larger quantities swallowed accidentally, for example by children, requires, depending on the amount, medical observation and medical aid. You can´t package “White Safe NF” in containers, usually for food or other products of tasting

What are the possible effects on the nebulized objects and materials, like heaters, tissues, valuables?

The usual contact with the fog heaters, radiators running is harmless. The spray fluid directly on surfaces of larger heaters or stoves or open flame is not giving proper use, so the user must make sure that this can´t happen. The nearest immediate fogging equipment or office equipment sensitive to moisture (eg wall paper, sheets) or other office equipment (eg., Checkered, furniture) can be damaged if the distances are not respected indicated by the manufacturer. The use of a system of suitably adapted to size mist of nebulized not have space for the quantities of fog produced which expand any danger for the environment, even for sensitive objects.

Is there a danger of slipping when exposed the product?

Cold surfaces transmitting heat and little like marble, steel, glass may fog when exposed to high concentrations of mist. Smooth, non-absorbent (Plastic flooring, Plexiglas or the like) can be slippery especially if they are in direct contact with spray mist. The same holds true if the fluid spilled.

What building materials can be damaged when using the product?

Except for some building materials sensitive to water (unprotected steel) have no knowledge of any material that has been damaged by “White Safe NF” mist in the air.

This also applies to electronic printed circuit boards, provided they are not directly exposed to the mist jet. Only thermal paper is known, that due to their chemical coating changes color if exposed to a strong spray.

What to do with a room or enclosed area that has been nebulized?

The rooms should be well ventilated. As a precaution should enter only healthy young adults.

How do you disarm the alarm or White Safe misting system?

The misting system White Safe and the alarm is disarmed following the instructions.