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SLU-DLT-REPRESENT PASSIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS under Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of November 16, responds to the user of the lack of conformity of their product WHITE SAFE, to be expressed during the first TWO YEARS from the date installation by an authorized installer for SLU-DLT-REPRESENT PASSIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS.

It will be considered non-compliance in the following cases:

– When the product does not comply with the description given by the seller, or does not have the specified performance or their own goods of the same type (taking into account the information brochures and product manuals).

– That there is any defect in the product that makes it useless for ordinary use.

– When the product is not suitable for use where the consumer has expressly requested, provided that the seller has accepted the product was suitable for this use in writing.

– When installing the product may be incorrect, including installation being in the contract of sale of the property and has been done by an authorized installer for DLT REPRESENTS SLU-PASSIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS

SLU-DLT-REPRESENT PASSIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS, regardless of the legal guarantee of their nebulizers offers SAFE WHITE commercial warranty on the terms described below.

SLU-DLT-REPRESENT PASSIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS liable for any faults that become apparent within six months following the implementation of the SAFE WHITE computer (or from the facility, if I had not launch.) If the lack of conformity becomes apparent within six months from delivery user must prove that the lack of conformity already existed when the equipment is delivered, ie it is a nonconformity of origin of manufacture. The user must inform SLU-DLT-REPRESENT PASSIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS lack of conformity of goods in less than TWO MONTHS after he has knowledge and provided that they are credited to appear in the first two years of installation of equipment .

During the first six months of its operation includes coverage availability and travel expenses to qualified Service and labor used in the intervention and the necessary parts.

After the first six months of its operation and to month 24 of installation coverage includes the parts needed.

Remain out of coverage, breakdowns or deficiencies that affect parts or parts that have their origin in freezing within the apparatus, water leakage or increases / decreases or absence of voltage.

Maintenance work in the SAFE WHITE product are not included in the coverage of such a guarantee. Maintenance instructions in the manual that has been delivered to the user. The SAFE WHITE product is part of an installation, your warranty only affects the product itself and not the whole installation in which it is integrated. If deficiencies or failures of the installation that integrates the product would affect the same (the product WHITE SAFE) are not covered by this warranty, nor will be covered the costs of delivery service. To prevent your equipment is improperly installed WHITE SAFE is necessary that:

– The equipment has been installed according to the instructions and installation manuals WHITE SAFE team and according to the rules and regulations for each applicable type of installation where the installation is performed.

– The equipment has been installed by a licensed professional installer and approved by SLU-DLT-REPRESENT PASSIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS.

The improper use or handling of the goods or the failure of any of the items listed below revokes the guarantee:

– SAFE WHITE products may not be modified or tampered with by anyone other than the Official Technical Services and consequently without written permission of DLT-REPRESENT SLU-PASSIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS.

– The parts need to be replaced will be determined by our Service Centre, and in all cases be original GETA. Prior to installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance or intervention, these operations personnel must know the instructions of the installation and user manuals.

The repair or replacement of original parts during the warranty period does not involve the extension of the warranty period.

The warranty does not cover the costs and expenses incurred to access the computer WHITE SAFE or its installation, such as in the case of hidden locations in height ceilings not practicable or similar situations. Nor does it include the costs incurred in the removal or replacement of building elements or others that determine access to the computer or installation.

Are exempt from warranty coverage breakdowns caused by accident or force majeure, such as overload of any kind (electricity) and the like, as well as those produced by the entry into the computer of any substance, stones or dirt. Malfunctions caused by external agents (rodents, birds, spiders, etc..), Atmospheric phenomena and / or geological (frost, storms, rain, etc..), And the resulting vandalism, street wars, armed conflicts of any type and / or earthquakes, as well as those caused by negligence or misconduct by the human work.

SAFE WHITE teams are designed and manufactured to certain conditions. Its application for uses other than those provided extinguished the effectiveness of the guarantee. Defects arising from failure to follow instructions for installation, operation and applications running or not in accordance with the use for which the product is intended, or abnormal environmental factors, or strange conditions of operation, or maintenance overload or or cleaning done improperly, the consequences are the sole responsibility of the person as well as planning, installing or using.

The guarantee its SAFE WHITE nebulizer starts in the start date or the date of purchase WHITE SAFE team reflected on invoice. This commercial warranty is valid only in Spanish territory Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands.

This commercial warranty is valid only for products SAFE WHITE current catalog.

The date of purchase will be listed on invoice. In absence of bill is not applicable commercial warranty. For any incident that affects WHITE SAFE product, you must display both the bill and this warranty document for this warranty to be valid. If you consider that there has been manipulation of the content of the invoice issued and / or the contents of the guarantee shall be deemed that the document has been falsified and DLT society REPRESENTS SLU-PASSIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS, shall be released from all the duties specified herein.

These Terms of Warranty WHITE SAFE products are general for all models. Each SAFE WHITE product range, in particular, may provide special or additional conditions on general described here. In case of discrepancy special conditions prevail each product range. After the implementation of the SAFE WHITE team (or from the installation, if there were no startup), SLU-DLT-REPRESENT PASSIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS TOTAL offers a guarantee of two years by signing the CONTRACT STAR. Being able to make this guarantee TOTAL extensions for periods of two years, by signing the maintenance contract SLU-DLT-REPRESENT PASSIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS recommends, and offers.

If you have any queries, please contact: Customer WHITE SAFE: ws@representa-seguridad.es